Branch Civil is an Employee Owned Company


Branch Civil roots itself in a longstanding tradition of serving the transportation and infrastructural needs between and within communities throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast United States. The company’s history of planting, cultivating, and growing transparent, professional relationships with its clients has established Branch Civil as a respected name within the civil construction industry of our regions.

Branch Civil offers a dynamic range of services, including heavy civil construction, design-build, and site development. In addition to Branch Civil, The Branch Group includes Branch Builds, providing professional construction expertise to both the public and private sector, G.J. Hopkins, an electrical and mechanical contractor headquartered in Roanoke, Virginia, and L.A. Lacy a mechanical and plumbing contractor headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia.


Functioning as a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Branch Group, our firm serves clients in Virginia, West Virginia, and the Carolinas. Branch Civil operates under an Employee Stock Ownership Plan, and is a 100% employee-owned company. This ownership model has produced a culture where each employee has a vested interest in the successful completion of every project and absolute satisfaction for every client. As we continue to cultivate a thriving work atmosphere, we continue to grow.


site development

Site Development

The foundation that all construction projects are built upon. As a leader in site development, we have built many of the largest and most challenging projects in the region.

heavy highway construction

Heavy / Highway Construction

We have successfully delivered large civil construction projects for the North Carolina and Virginia Departments of Transportation and public and private sector clients.



With Design-Build, Branch Civil becomes responsible for both the design and construction phases of a project. This saves time and money, while eliminating risk for clients.


Branch Civil’s award-winning corporate and project specific safety programs meet and often exceed OSHA requirements. Supported by project safety evaluations, incident/near miss investigations, and OSHA staff instructors, these programs distinguish Branch Civil from other companies. Years of conducting annual comprehensive project safety inspections inform our full-time Director of Safety & Risk and his staff of safety professionals understanding of the necessary precautions and procedures for maintaining a secure work environment.

Branch Civil’s proactive approach toward safety underscores its commitment to operate all projects efficiently and securely in compliance with all applicable safety, health, and environmental regulations.


strength in numbers


Branch Civil offers a wide range of civil construction services. Our payroll comprises over 600 personnel, including managers, engineers, field supervisors, equipment operators, and various other support staff. Individuals involved with managing Branch Civil supply the company with a wealth of experience and capabilities, as well as a firm grasp of the design-build procurement method.

we own and maintain our equipment


Valued at over $70 M, Branch Civil’s model equipment fleet currently includes over 1200 major pieces of heavy equipment and over 1100 pieces of small and support equipment.

Branch Civil operates two modern Maintenance and Support Facilities that include mechanics, lube specialists, transportation coordinators, and equipment maintenance managers. Our full-service paint shop attends to both our fleet vehicles and heavy equipment, and our welding shop performs custom fabrication and repairs. Owning these on-site repair facilities enables us to maintain our equipment and its attention on your job.

cutting-edge technology


Our innovative technological resources include GPS and UTS, plan and data modeling, sock drains, underground storm water retention, and recycled material crushing sites, all of which serve to save manpower, cut costs, reduce waste, preserve resources, and increase efficiency.

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