Virginia Tech/Montgomery Executive Airport

Long, Strong Alliance Helps Spur Economic Growth

Blacksburg, VA

Montgomery Co. Regional Airport Authority

Eden & Associates, PC
Campbell & Paris Engineers

$13.7 M

Prime Contractor


An airfield that had its beginnings as a World War II training facility is transforming into a major economic accelerator for Montgomery County, VA, thanks in part to a long-standing relationship between Branch Civil and the county’s Regional Airport Authority.

Branch Civil first partnered with the Montgomery County Regional Airport Authority in 2004 to begin a series of improvement projects for the Virginia Tech/Montgomery Executive Airport – a partnership that continues to this day.
Branch Civil teamed up with Campbell and Paris Engineers for the first series of enhancements. The initial project involved rehabilitating the existing terminal apron and installing new electrical systems and taxiway lighting during a phased construction format to ensure that air traffic was not disrupted.

In 2007, the second phase of the project got underway, which included the construction of additional apron area for a future hangar site along with the expansion of the terminal parking apron. Also completed in this phase was an access roadway and parking lot construction.

In 2011, Branch Civil embarked on a 5.4M project to rehabilitate Runway 12-30. While mainly retaining the runway’s original geometry, the project involved excavating and replacing the existing pavement and supporting base. In addition, airfield lighting and signage was replaced and relocated.

The final phase of the enhancements is underway, with Branch Civil teaming up with Eden and Associates, PC, to expand the runway to 5,500 feet, allowing larger planes to utilize the airport and to enhance safety in case of accidents. The extension is being completed in four phases so that there will be a maximum length of usable runway at all times. The project also involves the realignment of Research Center Drive and Southgate Drive in Blacksburg. Branch Civil is also working with Eden and Associates to provide site work for future aircraft hangars.
Airport officials predict the new improvements will work to boost the local economy by more than $1 million each year.

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