Newport News/Williamsburg Airport

Collaboration Reaches New Heights in Post 9/11 Aviation Project

Newport News, VA

Penninsula Airport Commission

$23.6 M


Talbert & Bright

Branch Civil embarked on a major airport project just as the nation was reeling from the tragic events of September 11, 2001, which forever changed the nature of air passenger safety.

In the summer of 2001, The Peninsula Airport Commission contracted with Branch Civil to complete the installation of new taxiways and aprons for the South Corporate Business Park at the Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport.  It was clear from the beginning that this project needed to be completed on a tight schedule, and while the airport was open.  What wasn’t known was how the events of 9/11 would affect work at all airports across the country.

Branch Civil worked closely with Construction Manager Talbert & Bright, the Airport Commission, Airport Security and the FAA to ensure a safe working environment for construction crews, airport employees and passengers without compromising the tight schedule.

The project was completed in multiple phases, and consisted of pavement demolition, excavation and lime stabilization, asphalt and concrete paving, along with markings and runway lighting.  Utility work was subcontracted to allow Branch Civil crews to concentrate on the significant earthwork, allowing for the highest level of oversight and control of the project.  The work was successfully completed on time and under budget.

Because of its excellent relationship with the airport commission, Branch Civil later completed another project at the airport.  The construction of the second phase of the $3.2M Air Carrier Apron Expansion required the excavation of 35,000 CYD of earth, lime-treated soil stabilization, and pouring 12,300 SYD of concrete paving.

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